John Kennedy Toole: the omega point
a documentary film by Joe Sanford

Joe Sanford
- Director/DP/Writer/Editor
Bobbie Westerfield - Executive Producer
Jay Weigel - Composer
Charles Richard - Producer
Cory MacLauchlin - Producer/Biographer
Dr. Marcia Gaudet - Producer
Dr. Maurice duQuesnay - Associate Producer

Ray & Wes Ganucheau - Original Music
Steve Allen - Original Music

Produced in cooperation with The University of Louisiana in Lafayette

Special Thanks to: The University of New Orleans, Tulane University Special Collections (Leon Cahill Miller/Susanna Powers/Eira Tansey), The University of Louisiana in Lafayette (Dr. Marcia Gaudet/Charles Richard/Dr. Maurice duQuesnay), The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (Dr. Michael Sartisky), The Contemporary Arts Center (Jay Weigel), Blackbird Films (Bess Carrick), AlphaCine Lab and Lightpress.
The film features conversations with:

Joel Fletcher (Author of Ken & Thelma)
Dr. Kenneth Holditch (Professor Emeritus - University of New Orleans)
Dr. Pat Rickels (Professor - University of Louisiana in Lafayette)
Dr. Jane H. Bethune (Department of Modern Languages - Salve Regina University)
Cory MacLauchlin (Toole Biographer)
David Kubach
(Friend, Poet and Wilderness Sage)